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One: Evangelism Methods

The Conversion Process 1
"Upon the Rock" Bible Study Series
Lesson 1 10
Lesson 2 12
Lesson 3 14
Lesson 4 16
Motivating People to Obey the Gospel 18
Crucial Questions You May Be Asking 20
Reaching Those Who Have Fallen Away 22


Two: God

Who is God? 25
Jesus Christ 26
The Holy Spirit 29
The Trinity 30
Making God in Our Image 31
Does God Want Men to Worship with Images and Icons 32


Three: Christian Evidences

Evidences for the Existence of God 35
Design and Purpose Arguments 36
Some Positive Evidence of the Resurrection 38
The Historicity of Jesus 42
Inspiration 47
Can We Trust the New Testament? 51
You Can Trust Your Bible 52
Argument for the Genuineness of the Documents 56
Messianic Prophecies 57
Prophecies of the Sufferings of the Messiah 60
Prophecies of Isaiah 53 62
Facts of Astronomy, Cosmology, and the Bible 63
The Medical Accuracy of the Bible 64
Scientific Fact or Principle in the Bible 64
The Problem of Suffering 65
Why Does God Allow the Innocent to Suffer? 67
Was It Morally Right for God to Order the Killing of the Canaanites? 68
The Risk of Believing 69
Agnosticism and Its Consequences 70


Four: Salvation

What is sin? 71
What Sin Will Do 75
The Nature of Man 76
The Grace of God 76
The Nature and Need for Repentance 78
Who Is a New Testament Christian? 81
Is Baptism Essential to Salvation? 81
Acts 2:38 85
Baptism Among the Early Church Fathers 86
Timeline in the History of Baptism 90
Baptism--A Dividing Line 91
What Will Happen to Good but Un-baptized People 91
Are Infants to Be Baptized? 92
Are Babies Born in Sin? 92
God's Second Law of Pardon for Christian 95
The Conditional Security of Believers 95
Is Man Predestined? 97
How Many Baptisms Do We Have Today? 98
Is Baptism in Water or in the Spirit? 99
Baptism before Salvation: Wise or foolish? 99
Examples of Conversion 100


Five: The Church

What Is the Church? 101
Why Becoming a Member of the Lord's Church is Necessary 102
Organization of the Church 103
When Was the Church-Kingdom Established? 104
The Falling Away and the Restoration 104
Denominational Churches and Their Origin 105
The Undenominational Nature of New Testament Christianity 105
Which Concept is Scriptural? 107
Can We Restore the New Testament Church? 107
The Unity of the Church 110
Does the New Testament Contain Patterns for the Church? 111


Six: Christian Worship

The Nature of Worship 115
Prayer is Man Speaking to God 116
The Lord's Supper 117
Giving to God 118
Does the Bible Authorize Christian Worship with Musical Instruments 119
The Sabbath and the Lord's Day 124
The Early Church and the Sabbath Day 125
Does the Bible Authorize Women to Lead Men in the Worship of the Church? 127
Does God Want Men to Worship with Images and Icons? 130


Seven: The Bible

Introduction to the Bible 133
Digging Deeper into My Bible 134
The Need for an Overall View 135
Fifteen Periods of Bible History 136
General Outline of Bible 137
Comments About the Bible 139
Understanding the Old and New Testaments 140
Must We Have Bible Authority? 142
Can We All Understand the Bible Alike? 144
Why Men Differ in Understanding the Bible 145
Basic Rules of Bible Study 145


Eight: Christian Living

Why I Attend All the Meetings of the Church 151
Lord, Help Me Through Today 151
The Ways Satan is attacking us 153
If I Were the Devil 155
God's People Know How to Get Along 156
The Pursuit of Excellence 158
God's Answer's to Man's Concerns 159
The Providence of God 160
The Temptation Trap 163
Dealing with Anger 165
Recharge Your Spiritual Battery 169


Nine: The Supernatural and Last Things

The Immortality of the Soul 171
The Soul after Death 172
What Happens at Death? 172
When Jesus Comes Again 174
The Second Coming of Christ 175
The Judgment 175
Who Will Be in the Judgment? 176
Is Man Reincarnated? 177
Purgatory is Not a Biblical Concept 178
A Citizen of Heaven 179
The Doctrine of Hell 180
Angels 181
Pre-millennialism 184


Ten: False Teachings

How Can I Know the Truth? 185

Contend for the Faith 186
Characteristics of Cults 188
Astrology 190
Does Anyone Have Miraculous Gifts Today? 191
Buddhism 193
Hinduism 197
Islam 202
Book of Mormon and the Bible 204
Mormon Archaeology 205


Eleven: Glossary 207